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Your relationship with your dog is one of the most important elements of the journey that you and your dog will share throughout their lifetime.  We love them dearly and spend lots of time with them, but there are occasions when we need to be apart.  Many of us love holidays but obviously if going overseas, it is not always possible to take them with us.  So we look for options for care when we are away.


So many of our clients talk about how upset they were when they first tried a kennelling option for their dog - it was distressing for them leaving them in the first place, but then to come back to a subdued dog who had previously been full of life was even more upsetting.  People wonder why it has happened, thinking that it was the fault of the kennels - they did a bad job or were neglectful.  This is not always the case (there are many very good kennels out there) - it is simply a fact that dogs are, in the main, companion animals and as such want to be with somebody and in a familiar environment.  It is quite understandable that a dog, who is used to being at home with the comings and goings of the family through the day, would wonder what on earth was happening when taken to a strange place where he was put in a kennel.  He may be taken out once or twice a day for a walk, but the rest of the time is spent  alone, hearing the barking of other dogs around him  but unable to see them.  It is quite a shock to the system!  Every time a drop off or collection occurs, one dog starts barking then another and so on - its like a domino effect.  Dogs that are sensitive cannot withstand this sort of routine.  No wonder they are subdued when they are collected by their owners - what have they done wrong, they wonder?  It can take many weeks or months of rehabilitation to get some dogs back to the way they were, with many people seeking the help of costly animal behaviourists. 

These people were determined not to let their dogs go through this experience again and so looked for other options. 

So what are the options? 

  • You could find somebody you know, a friend or family member to help, although this sounds perfect, unfortunately this option is very unreliable. Peoples' lives change and emergencies come up. What happens if somebody falls ill and you are due to go away?  This is a familiar story to us and we have been able to help in such situations.
  • You could find a registered sitter who takes in dogs. This could be an individual who runs their own little dog care business.  A great option, but the downside being that they probably take in several dogs at once, possibly even half a dozen or more in some cases.  Secondly, if they fall ill or are full when you want to book - your options are limited as they have no back up.
  • There are large franchise businesses or online options which, in theory, seem like a good idea as they have an online presence and you can book at the touch of a button. However, they are pretty impersonal and you may not get to meet your sitter.  Have they definitely got all the legal requirements in place, are these people personally vetted by the businesses concerned?  It is unlikely as they have hundreds of "names" on their sites. The company would possibly check basic information but don't inspect the people or their properties.

There is a perfect solution!

My name is Jane Palmer, and I have built up Black Dog Home Boarding over the last 14 years with help of trusted colleagues and friends.  The business is very well established in several areas within Sussex, primarily the Wealden district. However, I currently have sitters within the Mid Sussex and Eastbourne areas .  Our service works because I know each and every one of my sitters personally, I would leave my own dogs with any of them.  I aim to place your dog/s with the same sitter each time.  What if a sitter falls ill at the last minute? Not a problem, because of the investment I have made in building a team of genuine, reliable trusted sitters, your booking can be moved to another member of the team .  Once you have made a booking with Black Dog Home Boarding and it has been confirmed to you - I give you my word, I will not let you down.  Black Dog Home Boarding is definitely a Team effort from everybody concerned.  We all LOVE dogs, and this is more of a vocation, rather than a "job".  All of us realise, that there are many dogs out there that need a home from home experience for a week or more whilst the family is away.  Once you go on holiday your dog/s will be enjoying a fabulous break of their own.  Lovely walks, routine followed, lots of love and affection, companionship and a safe environment.  You can go away without worrying. Your sitter will be pleased to keep you updated if you would like, by text, whatsapp, or email. We love to provide that care and from the feedback we get from our clients, the proof is in the pudding!!

Most importantly -you will return to the dog you love - they will not have changed one bit  - your relationship with them will continue as if you had never been apart - you can't ask for more than that.

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