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DOG HOME BOARDING –PRICE LIST Please note: Dog Boarding is charged per day – drop off may be at any time . to be agreed with your sitter. The first and the last day are charged as 1 day each -eg a booking from the 1st to the 8th of a month would be charged as 8 days therefore allowing for flexibility of times

A drop off on day 1 collecting the next day is charged as 2 days.  If you only wish to pay for one day then drop off and collection must happen on the same day.

For all enquiries call 01435 866845

Email: jane@blackdoghomeboarding-sussex.co.uk

•All BDHBS Dog Home Boarders are interviewed in their own homes and references checked. We know them and them families personally.

•No BDHBS Dog Home Boarders own a dog –so if required your dog/s will be the only dogs in residence @ no extra charge

•All BDHBS Dog Home Boarders are licensed by the local authority –paid for by BDHBS

•All BDHBS Dog Home Boarders are covered by our comprehensive insurance

•Every BDHBS Dog Home Boarder is supplied by us, with a Doggie First Aid Kit, High Level Disinfectant and Poo Bags!

•We actively encourage you to meet or visit your Dog Boarder prior to starting to use our service,

•Every BDHBS Dog Home Boarder has the support of our 24-hour telephone help line –we are always here for advice and reassurance for your home boarders.

•Every BDHBS Dog Home Boarder works to a high set of standards required by Black Dog Home Boarding Sussex and are constantly monitored by us.



Dogs love the companionship that a Home Board can give them.  It is a completely different experience to kennels. Lots of human company, love, and their routine is continued. Walks can be tailored to their individual requirements.  Daily walks will last for up to an hour and the price includes up to 2 walks of up to an hour per day.  Any dogs requiring more than 2 hours per day will be subject to an extra charge – to be discussed prior to a booking.

You provide everything your dog/s need for the stay, beds, bowls, leads, toys, treats and food, and our lovely home boarders provide the rest! 

As all of our home boarders are required to meet the same exacting standards of care, hygiene, safety and security, you can be sure that wherever your dog goes for their holiday, with BDHBS they will have the same standard of care.  However, we like to match people and dogs – and so will make sure that your dog goes to the most suitable home –we have people who just love big bouncy fun dogs and others who like the quieter, perhaps more senior, or smaller dogs.

We will happily provide one-to-one boarding, if requested – and if you have 2 dogs they will of course stay together.  But some dogs prefer the company of other dogs and this can be arranged too.

*(Extra hours not billed prior to board will be charged retrospectively)

*Any dogs requiring regular medication or injections may be subject to an additional charge –to be confirmed @ time of booking

Overnight Dog Boarding  FROM

1 dog£26.95

2 dogs from same home

3 dogs from the same home

4 dogs from the same home

Puppy up to 3-6 months on its own

Puppy 7-10 months on its own





For clients requiring Day care services for their dog – please note that this service is now very limited. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements, but this may not always be possible. Please talk to us if you require this service regularly.

If you require prices for any of the following services: Dog Walking, Cat Feeding, House and Pet Sitting please ask for an additional price list, these have limited availability, so, please contact us for more information and options.

Christmas bookings –minimum stay 24-27 Dec (4 days) supplement £10 per day on 25 and 26 Dec. 1 January also subject to £10 supplement.




Please see the current ‘BLACK DOG HOME BOARDING SUSSEX -SERVICES AND PRICE LIST’ which is subject to change. It is the client’s responsibility to confirm the price at the time of booking.  Please note, where dog services are provided the rate includes the provision of poop bags.  The rate does NOT include food – client is expected to supply this.  Any services such as professional grooming, visits to, or bills from Vets incurred during a booking will be billed to the client separately.


Bookings for all services are subject to a non- refundable* deposit of £50.** so please be certain before you make your booking that your dates are correct. If you need to amend your booking in any way this will be subject to availability. Any amendments MUST be notified to the office prior to confirming with a sitter.

Full payment must be received 6 six weeks prior to the start date; or on presentation of invoice if less than 6 weeks.

Thereafter, the following cancellation charges will be applied:

Less than 7 days’ notice – Full fee due

7-14 days’ notice-75%

15-28 days’ notice -50%

Minimum cost of first booking £50 –

No refunds will be made if the client shortens the period of care once it has been confirmed.

If a client is delayed, the same sitter will continue the booking. If this is not possible, BDHBS will organise alternative care.

*We will make an exception in the event that we are unable to find a suitable sitter at time of booking- we will refund the £50 deposit

**If the booking is for only 1 day then it must be paid in full at time of booking.

Christmas Bookings: Must be paid in full @ time of booking. Minimum period 24-27 December (4 days) subject to a supplement of £10 on 25 and 26 December.  In the event of cancellation within 6 weeks of booking –BDHBS will retain £50 – then the cancellation policy above will apply Bookings including 1 January subject to a £10 supplement.


(Vaccinations, worming and flea treatments are not required for services delivered within the client’s home.)

For holiday dog boarding in a private home and dog day care in a private home, Clients must present for inspection by the sitter details of their dogs vaccinations and show that they are up to date.

Homeopathic ‘vaccinations’ are acceptable provided a Vet confirms that they have been administered.

Clients are asked to ensure their pets are given flea and worming treatment to cover the period of care.  Should it be necessary for BDHBS to treat a pet during the client’s absence, we will seek veterinary advice and the client will be required to reimburse any related costs.


It is the client’s responsibility to provide adequate food for the duration of their pets boarding booking.

The client will be responsible for the costs incurred for purchasing any extra food, where insufficient is provided.

It is the clients’ responsibility to notify BDHBS of any food allergies the animal may have.


The cost of veterinary care, whether for ill health or accident remains the responsibility of the client.

BDHBS will charge a nominal amount for administering medication, orthodox or alternative and administering insulin injections.  This can only be carried out if the client provides written instructions.


BDHBS will not normally accept a bitch while it is in season for any part of the booking. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they confirm this information. Full males will be accepted, providing a suitable sitter and home is available.


If a client requires their dog(s) to be allowed off the lead, they must sign a BDHBS Disclaimer stating that BDHBS cannot be held responsible for Accident or Injury.


Boarding Dogs must be presented for boarding with their sitter, with a collar and lead that are both suitable and secure. (BDHBS provide an identification tag for the duration of your dog’s stay.) House Sitting Clients are advised that any pets with outdoor access should wear suitable collars with ID tags. BDHBS supplies tags for dogs, and if a client would like any of their other animals to be supplied with ID tags they must confirm this with the office before the assignment.


Clients are asked to provide their pet’s own bedding material, toys and other personal effects in a clean and presentable condition.  Any bedding or toys which are not considered to be in a clean and presentable condition will be kept aside and a suitable alternative supplied by BDHBS substituted.  A charge may be added for laundering any such item and invoiced on the clients return.


Dogs need to be presented in a clean and groomed condition. Failure to do so will result in the Client being responsible for payment for the services of a professional pet parlour or Vet.

Sitters will brush or comb a pet at the request of the client, but are not professionally trained Groomers.

Clients are requested to supply adequate towels especially during the wet winter months.

(Please note – some breeds may be subject to a “wet weather supplement” to cover the cost of the sitter washing and drying the dog and laundering towels and bedding.  This may be up to £5 per day and will be confirmed @ time of booking)


The client should make BDHBS aware of any pet behavioural issues.  If a dog bites or causes injury to a person or another animal, the client will be asked to make alternative care arrangements.

Clients are expected to pay for/or contribute towards the cost of any damage caused by their pets during their boarding with BDHBS.


A signed Disclaimer will be needed, if a client requests that a cat flap be left open during the day or night.


Where a sitter is required to visit a client’s home we ask the client to reimburse the sitter @ our current mileage rate which covers their fuel and time

When a partner accompanies a sitter, unless the client has specifically requested more than one sitter for an assignment, the client will not be expected to reimburse the partner’s travelling expenses. The partner will be expected to complete an interview process with BDHBS to deem suitability for the assignment and compatibility with the client.

For a sitter staying in client’s home for 24hr period, a daily subsistence allowance is charged.  Unless otherwise specified and agreed in advance, the sitter will not use the client’s food or provisions.


BDHBS has both Public and Employer’s liability insurance.  It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure that their property has adequate insurance and that it will be effective during their absence and allows BDHBS access to undertake their duties.


When undertaking an initial Home visit, BDHBS will discuss the necessary Health & Safety considerations of your home and the assignment. BDHBS reserve the right to decline any request for services at or in the home where we feel this would put a sitter at risk. BDHBS are being employed solely to care for pets.  Our sitters will act responsibly and with care for the safety of the property, but cannot be responsible for any circumstances beyond our control.


We invest much time and money in recruiting the right people to care for our client’s dogs.  Our sitters are recruited to work for BDHBS only.  They are trained to our standards, given 24 hour back up, advice and help.  BDHBS pay for their insurance and any other professional fees required by their local authority.  As such, they do not take on any work in a private capacity.  Any enquiries regarding bookings must be made in the first instance through the BDHBS office. Sitters’ availability must be checked and booked through the office.  The booking will only be valid when confirmed in writing by the BDHBS office. If a sitter leaves BDHBS they are no longer able to accept any bookings from clients of and introduced to them by BDHBS.  If a booking has been made with and confirmed by BDHBS, prior to a sitter’s departure from the team, then BDHBS will re-allocate the booking with another member of the BDHBS Home boarding or House Sitting team.


In the event of a sitter being unable to carry out the booking prior to -or during the booking – Black Dog Home Boarding reserves the right to place the booking with an alternative suitable sitter. 

Black Dog Home Boarding will notify you prior to your departure should this happen and give you the opportunity to meet the alternative sitter prior to your departure.

If a sitter becomes unable to continue a booking due to ill health , family emergency or other serious event -then Black Dog Home Boarding will notify you at that time and advise the alternative care that we have arranged for your dog/s.

You will not incur any charges for transportation of your dog to an alternative sitter.

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